October 19, 2021

Meet Y-Touch, Nigeria Youngest & Hottest Fashion Designer

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His designs are classic, his style very unique, a niche he has been able to carve for himself in an industry that is being ruled by creative gurus. Just at 22, this ‘Child boss’ has seen what future holds for him.

Yakubu Yekini is just a regular guy, simple and friendly but could be different when on duty because this no nonsense fashion designer would piss you off while working because according to him, he hates distraction especially while working.

 Let’s get to meet you

My name is Yaqub Yekini, am a Nigerian who doesn’t discriminate. 

Despite being a young guy, your dexterity as a fashion designer is unequal, can you tell us when and how you came about what you’re doing today?

It started about five years ago, just immediately I left Secondary School. I was doing some entertainment stuffs like D.J and MC but my father wasn’t OK with it. He saw it as a mere waste of time. I already have my eyes on fashion and without telling any of my parents, I went to my boss, J-Blinks Fashion registered and started.

Is it because your father didn’t like the entertainment stuffs then?

The thing is that I’ve always been a fashion admirer. I saw Yomi Casual as a talented designer who started as a young man. I read Mudi’s story of how he started from the scratch. I took it upon myself that if these people can do it why can’t i ? I applied all the seriousness I could with the believe that I want to be great and here we are today.

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So you have the believe that you would be great…
What is what doing they said is what doing well. I’m a very focused man. Honestly I don’t accommodate fear in anything I do. I think that has remained my strength.

Looking at your collections, you seem to be very different, did you learn all these designs from your boss?

You don’t expect me to learn all these from my boss, creativity is what we are talking about here.

I look at my clients think of what will look well on them and give unless he/she wants something different I mean from his own discretion. Am not a fashion magazine design but totally no designer would not from time to time look for updates, even if I see one, I still try to infuse my own creativity. Yeah I always want to be uniwill 

Who and who among Nigeria Celebrities have you worked for?

 A whole lot of them, I think Holy Wings a hip-hop artiste, Walexy another upcoming artiste. Many others who might really not be known celebrities but top people in the society.

What makes a good fashion designer?

 Creativity first, you have to be creative. It’s not about seeing a design and you just go ahead to sew it for a customer. You have to know what will OK on him. You have to be time conscious, once you tell your customer a time for job delivery, you should work on that time so that you don’t disappoint them. Also you need to be honest with customers, the only thing that makes one lose customer is when you start lying to them. 

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In your early 20s, where does Y-Touch see himself in another five years?

Five years? Wow! I think I should be staging a world class Fashion Concert by then with reputable fashion icons in attendance. Am for real, Nigeria Fashion Industry will change with the emergence of Y-Touch.

Who’s your role model in the industry?
For different reasons I think I love every practitioner one way or the other. But I doff my cap for Yomi Casual. I love Mudi and host of others.

Your advice to upcoming who will spring up in the nearest future.

 They should be focused, learn to be creative. They should not learn to be copycats, they should be honest and with those, sky is just the beginning.

Some of Y-Touch designs…

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