July 28, 2021

Readers Comments Needed

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One of our readers from Delta State sent us a mail to express his feelings over some domestic issues and we think this actually requires our readers contributions: 

Am a successful businessman with a family that I cherich so much. My first son is 26 years and I’m looking forward to the day he would take over the business, control and take care of the responsibilities as the first child.

An argument ensued between me and his mum one fateful evening and this led to me slapping her for the first time. To my surprise, my wife and son descended on me and beat me blue black. I was admitted and discharged the third day.

Today, am a confused man not really know what to do at the moment. If you’re in my shoes what do you think would be your reaction?

As a brother/sister what will you advice me? Your comment will be appreciated at this period of time.


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