Zamfara: No Clearance For Any APC Candidate Yet


Contrary to the erroneous information being dished out by some ill informed and uneducated literates, the Court of Appeal has not cleared any way for any APC candidate in Zamfara.

In the sokoto division of the Court, the Court of Appeal refused to entertain the motion seeking the enforcement of the judgement of the Zamfara high court in one of Appeals against the said judgement since the particlar appeal has been withdrawn. In the Abuja division, a similar motion seeking enforcement of Zamfara high court judgement was withdrawn by the counsel who admitted in the open court that motion ought not to have been filed.

Having failed in both divisions of the court, it is very curious to read in social media that the Court of Appeal has cleared way for APC candidates in Zamfara. It is nothing but a lie from hell which can only emanate from very desperate and uninformed power mongers. They should be ignored.


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