Controversy Over Success Viral Video As Stephanie Idolor Demands More Money


Following the viral video of little Success which has been trending on social media where the kid who was sent home for not paying her school fees talked extensively in the video controversy has however sprung up as Stephanie Idolor who made the viral video of little Success is at loggerheads with the family
– According to Idolor, she believes she deserves some settlement for making Success famous and attracting all the assistance the family has gotten
– Success’ mother has claimed that they have settled Idolor but she keeps demanding for more.

The internet was agog to meet little Success, a young girl who sent home from school for not paying her fees.Her attitude to education attracted a lot of Nigerians, who have come together to try to make life better for the young girl.

However, the world only got to know Success after a Stephanie idolor, recorded the video and shared it on the social media. For finding the ‘talent’, Idolor has come out to say that she deserved money from the family who she believes have been getting a lot of money and gifts from Nigerians.

In a recent clip, Stephanie can be heard demanding that she gets at least 20 percent of what Success has gotten since the video was released. Her rant has gone viral and many people have had a lot to say about it, including Success’ mother.

Interestingly, Success’ mother has claimed that they have already given Stephanie over N500,000 but she has demanded that she has a joint account with the little girl so as to get more money.
Success’ mother has refused her demands and it for that reason that she is playing victim and even allegedly threatening the family.


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