.Giving to the needy has become the habit of the daughter of a respected Pastor the first  Lagos State Baptist Conference Secretary.  Rev I.O Bamimodu, Pastor Mrs. Bola Adebanjo is one of the few ministers of God whose interest is in helping the poor by providing food, clothing and shelter, irrespective of their religions affiliations and tribal identity.

The height of her kindness was the recent magnanimity extended to a woman who was a porter at Mile 12, when she was at the market to buy things to be used fo her catering business.
The porter whose name is Mrs Ronke Adetoro is a poor widow with three children, the story of this poor widow become highly pathetic because she had no roof over her head, it is at the same market that she and her three children lay their heads everyday.
In the cold, this woman and her children are at the mercy of no one except God, but came to her rescue through this great Philantropist, Pastor Mrs Bola Adeanjo, who was moved by her story and decided to take them in without any prior knowledge of her family background.

To further buttress that her philantropy dated back as far as 6 years ago, Pastor Bola had an NGO which was named after her late mother, Mrs Alice Agbeke Bamimodu. One of the responsibilities of this Non Governmental Organization is the provision of Old Peoples home in an apartment rented somewhere at Ikotun Ijegun, Lagos State.
This widow, Mrs Ronke Adetoro who depended on helping people with loads at the Mile 12 market to cater for herself and her three children.Before Pastor Mrs Bola Adebanjo came to her rescue, the children were falling ill on daily basis due to constant exposure to cold.

The said widow was unable to get education because her mother died when she was just 40 days.
Pastor Bola decided to take her in because she felt that the children of this widow, if not provided with suitable shelter are prone to negative influence.
People who are close to this philantropist were taken with surprise when Pastor Bola had an accident along Sango Otta and while on admission at the General Hospital, Gbagada, even in her critical condition she was still providing aids to people.

After her accident, she could hardly provide financial succour to the aged who depend solely on her for food,  clothing, shelter, despite her financial setbacks, this woman has not relented to responding to the yearnings of the poor.
Pst.Mrs Bola in a short time away from now officially launch her Non-Governmental Organization.
Contact: 08023635787, 07030516917


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