May 18, 2021

Revealed: How Former Zamfara Gov. Abdul Aziz Yari Siphoned N6.8b State Money

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Abdul-Aziz Yari

The battle against corruption,particularly;diversion of public funds for personal aggrandizement and usage,is such that should be commended by all and sundry. It would therefore be an understatement,to refer to President Mohammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption campaign,as a welcomed development.

The war against corruption in Nigeria remains an idea capable of launching Nigeria unto the next level of development,more importantly when such crusade is not selective, but spreads across past and present politicians, who have actually cornered states’ contracts and wealth for their personal use.
It is important to note that,many have been caught in the act,many facing prosecution,while some are still being trailed by anti-graft agencies;such as EFCC.

As at yesterday,a report quoted EFCC chaiman;Mr Magu,as saying over 30 past commissioners;in Kwara have had their traveling documents seized,for alleged corrupt practices. This is no doubt;a good step in the right direction,especially if they are guilty of such allegations.

It is however worrisome to see many,who have been adjudged to be corrupt,through diversion of public funds;still walking freely on the streets. Upon this premise therefore,the present administration and corruption fighters; EFCC,have been called upon,to investigate former Zamfara State Governor Yari,how over N60bn public funds was stolen,during his administration.

He is enjoined,to also explain to the whole world,how he spent N60.8B promissory Note (PN) approved by the Senate and issued to Oil Marketers and State Governments.
Many are left in total dismay that,through out Yari’s tenure as governor of Zamfara State,no infrastructural development,not to talk of health intervention programmes were executed. The state plunged into a height of insecurity,and as a result of that,alot of youths without expected education resorted to banditry and other vices.

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The call for EFCC’s actions against Yari,is coming after a juxtaposition of his administration with the 6 weeks of the present governor; Matawalle,who has fought and won banditry in the State. About 127 people held in captivity had been released,while many bandits and insurgents have surrendered their arms to the government. Governor Matawalle has also channelled more efforts on people’s health and education, which he believe could drastically reduce insecurity in Zamfara state and the nation at large.

These and many more gestures,must have won the hearts of many people in Zamfara State,who now call the attention of the Federal Government and EFCC,to shift focus from what the public sees as opposition’s witch-hunt to invite ex-governor Yari and his cohorts,for an interrogation over N60.8B State fund. The anti-graft’s invitation and further prosecution, would go a long way,in dousing the tensions and ill feelings,generated by APC’s national chairman,when he said,” …your sins are forgiven,as long as you are in APC…”

Below are the promissory notes approved by the Senate,and subsequently issued by Oil marketers and State government respectively in 2018:
Oil Marketers: N177.448 billion was issued on December 14th 2018 with a one-year tenor
State Governments (I): N153.82 billion was issued on December 28th 2018 with a two-year tenor.
State Governments (II): N31.44 billion was issued in February 2019 with a two-year tenor
State Governments (III): N277.89 billion was issued in April 1st 2019 with a three-year tenor.

Based on state-by-state claims,the following figures were disbursed to other states as follows:
Lagos: N114.61 bn
Akwa Ibom: N78.78 bn
Zamfara: N60.08 bn
Ogun: N59.21 bn
Anambra: N37.97 bn
Ebonyi: N15.45 bn
Enugu: N13.56 bn
Oyo: N13.41 bn
Osun: N13.29 bn
Plateau: N12.15 bn
Ekiti: N11.68 bn
Kwara: N11.25 bn
Jigawa: N10.72 bn
Edo: N10.43 bn
Gombe: N6.93 bn
Kano: N4.43 bn
Ondo: N4.33 bn
Adamawa: N4.25 bn
Benue: N3.03 bn
Imo: N2.90 bn
Niger: N 0.33bn
In December 2018, The Senate approved Promissory Notes of N102.2 billon to Delta State and Taraba State:
Delta: N67.9 billion
Taraba: N34.3 billion.

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