Mrs. Ikepo Expressess Interest In Uplifting Badminton


The Vice Chairman, Ogun State Badminton Association, Mrs Ikepo Adebayo, who is also the founder of Good Mother Initiative has expressed her commitment to uplifting people’s lives through massive investment in Badminton and sports in general.

She made this declaration during the Badminton competition organized at the Alake Sports Centre, Ijeja, Abeokuta in honour of her trainer Mr Isiaka Bankole who lost his life five years ago during appendicitis operation.

Mrs Ikepo who vowed to make the memory of the late player a remarkable one said that she will do everything possible to immortalize the deceased which will serve as an inspiration to others.

The founder said that her foundation the Good Mother Initiative has decided to make sports an escape route for young ones from getting involved in juvenile deliquencies like rape, intake of drugs, alcohol consumption, robbery and many more.

While recounting her achievements Mrs Ikepo said that she has discovered more than 50 children from different age groups and they are doing well in badminton.

She further mentioned that the project started like a child’s play at various Secondary Schools in the state,but now it has yielded the desired outcome.

Discussing some of the inherent challenges, the founder said the major challenge is finance, unlike other parts of the world where organizations, governement and individuals throw their weights Sports, the case is not the same in Nigeria.

“What our people should know is that through sports we can reduce crime rates, unemployment will totally reduce, the more support we get to advance this noble cause will determine how far we can go”.

“I have given my time and resources to ensure that the number one Badminton player in Africa Miss Dorcas Adesokan goes thus far with the little efforts of good samaritans”.

Mrs Adebayo, therefore, called on well meaning Nigerians, politicians and sports lovers to stand up and give support to this rewarding and profitable exercise with the hope of capturing these children at the early stage.


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