41 -year-old Pastor Jeremiah Ehindero the founder and Head of Jesus Miracle Church, Sango-ota, Ogun State,Nigeria has been accused of stealing a Toyota Highlander SUV from Ota to Ore, in Ondo State.
According to the Police investigation, Pastor Jeremiah went to the Motor Dealer, Jamiu that he needs a Toyota Highlander for his Evangelism.
After some negotiations, Pastor Jeremiah entered the Toyota Highlander and drove it away to an unknown destination.
The investigation shows that Toyota Highlander has been driven to Ore, Ondo State where it’s number LND 816 CK was removed.
When he got to Ondo, he met Jamiu and Lukman who found the buyer Lateef Oyetunde who bought Toyota Highlander N600,000 instantly.
After the dealer had waited for whole day, he told the Deputy Commissioner of Police Kola Okunola Kamaldeen in FSARS and their investigation department moved into action.
The investigation traced the motor to Ore where they arrested Lateef and two other persons, before they came to Sango-ota where Pastor Jeremiah lives.
Pastor Jeremiah confessed that devil misled him, and he has used the money he got from the Toyota Highlander to settle his debts.
Lateef Oyetunde said that he regretted buying the motor from Pastor Jeremiah, because he has much confidence in him as a Pastor.
The Deputy Commissioner of Police Kola said the investigation continues.


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