My Big Boobs Have Embarrassed Me Severally – Budding Entertainer, WhyKay


She is no doubt gaining prominence with her frequent appearance in Nedu Wazobia’s skit, talented entertainer, Ogunjimi Adeyinka who is popularly called Whykay, shared the pains she went through during her recent heartbreak and the embarrassment she constantly faces as a result of her big breast.

“We (my ex and I) were together for a year but he wasn’t ready for a relationship. He’s a young guy who was going through some challenges, so I didn’t rush it. But after a year, he remained the same. I wanted more from him. I gave him my time, care and attention, yet he wasn’t ready for a relationship. After I noticed that, I tried to draw back sub-consciously, and he complained that I didn’t care (about him). He was messing up with my head.

“But beside all these, he’s one of the best guys I’ve dated. Well, in summary, he didn’t know what he wanted. For a husband, I want a good guy that loves me, supports me and knows what he wants. I want someone that’s ready to commit his loyalty, respect, support and love to me. He needs to be taller than I am. Age doesn’t really matter but he must not be younger than me and not so old. He should be comfortable, hardworking and able to handle responsibilities.

“If a billionaire’s son comes my way, I won’t say no if he has good character and actually care about me. I also want to be a billionaire, but if one comes my way as a husband and he’s true and I like him, why not?”

WhyKay, who is a Management and Computer Studies graduate of Wisconsin International University, also lamented the embarrassment she faces over her plus sized boobs.

“In high school, one day, I was walking down the road with other students and all of a sudden a guy shouted ‘see breast’. That day, I hated my breast!

I went home and cried. Now as a grown woman, the embarrassment has become normal. Now, it is no longer verbally, men just stare at my chest. They just can’t take their eyes off my breast. And most times, I can’t do anything,” she said.


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