“I Have No New Wife” K1 Denies Rumour of Marrying And Having Daughter With Aramide Adenle


Contrary to the rumour that recently took over the social media that King of Fuji, K1 De Ultimate had married a new wife, the cerebral Fuji czar has come out to deny the rumour. His media Manager, Kunle Rasheed in his statement said; Our attention  has been drawn to a story making the rounds that King of Fuji music, K1 De Ultimate had married a new wife.

The peddlers of this story also stated that he already has a daughter with the same woman and recently spent 15 million naira to host a party for her.

For the avoidance of doubt, we wish to state that marriage is a holy rite ordained by God and a man of K1’s calibre and accomplishments cannot be one to enter into such union without the knowledge of his family and friends which indeed include top media practitioners.

We find it repulsive that K1’s name could be dragged into one fictional marriage story wiithout any attempt to confirm the veracity or otherwise of such story.

We wish to inform friends, family, fans and the general public that indeed K1 performed at the mentioned ceremony only because he was contracted to do so.
How that translated into a marriage ceremony is one that we are yet to understand.

All K1 did at the event was to deliver a 100 percent A-class performance the K1 brand is known for and nothing more.

Indeed, the universal standard practice in journalism demands proper and adequate confirmation of stories before rushing to press.



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