Mixed Feelings As Bishop Oyedepo Approves N650m To Repair Bad Roads.


Twitter is agog over a yet to be confirmed report on Bishop Oyedepo of Winners Chapel approving the lump sum of N650 million for the rehabilitation of dilapidated roads across Lagos and Ogun states.

Sadly, the Nigeria law doesn’t not allow an individual or organization to fix roads. The funds has to be given to the local/state government. A backward law for Nigeria, but let’s see how the present adminstration handles this.

Nigerians have reacted to this this report. Read some below.

Its funny how twitter was quiet yesterday after hearing that Bishop Oyedepo approved N650m to repair bad roads. Y’all didn’t trend it cause God forbid a Pastor does a good thing.

The ones that tweeted were saying it’s for his own good. Dangote wanted to fix Apapa road or so and he got tax holiday from govt. Winners is tax free and they wanted to fix road that led to their church and school for ease of biz and patronage and you want credit. What’s there CSR program like before? Don’t they av to give back?

Spending millions on a federal road is not part of his own CSR Indomie is almost at the same location..they didn’t deem it fit to use it as their own CSR. Hear Bishop Oyedepo/Winners Chapel will spend 650 Million Naira to rehabilitate dilapidated roads across Lagos state and Ogun state.

This is very commendable. Nigerian churches and some of our Pastors do great things for the community but it gets underreported. The only thing some like to tweet daily is the negatives from quacks. They fix roads every year. If you live around Ota, Tollgate, Sango, you’d know. The man has been trying to do the roads especially in Sango-otta axis but the Government has been frustrating his efforts.

The last administration just didn’t want him near the project, hopefully the present administration will be more helpful.


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