May 16, 2021

Unraveling The Atrocities Of A Former Senator…How He Laundered $800,000,000 In Less Than Five Years

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Even though investigation and research are ongoing to get to the root of the matter, we can’t but give a clue about yet another fraud that was recently perfected by a former Senator of the Federal Republic. For some reasons, we want to keep his name and identity from the prying eyes of the general massess while the investigation is going on to unravel his many atrocities and reveal how he intended to pull down the government owned 5 Star Hotel.

He was one of the occupants at Apo Legislators’ Quarters between 2003 and 2007 the time he used his position to commit one of the greatest money laundering ever recorded in the country.
The former Senator in question laundered a whooping Eight Hundred Million Dollars ($800,000,000) in less than Five years.

On the 5th of January 2019, delivery note was signed by the Senator who hails from Adamawa State of Nigeria. He promised to pay the sum of $55,000.00 (Fifty Five Million Dollars) on the 12th of March, 2019, the Senator received a total of $15, 000,000.00 (Fifteen Million Dollars) from one Mr. Akinwale and paid 5% value of his consignment and signed an undertaking on the 8th of May, 2019.

Letter of agreement was duly signed by this distinguished former Senator dated 8th of May, 2019 from where he paid $2,300on 9th May, 2019 with a.promise of paying the outstanding $127, 700 within the next 24 hours and everything is documented for examination by all the security agents in Nigeria and abroad.

It should be recalled that many similar fraud cases have been discovered and prosecuted by our anti graft agencies, we however want to put it to the transparent President of the Federal Republic, Mohammadu Buhari to handle this case as a matter of urgency and on completion we pledge not to compromise in our investigation as we vow to produce all our facts towards helping the country and set Nigeria free from these hidden and fraudulent representatives.

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