May 16, 2021

Revealed: Stupendous Wealth Of A Senior Civil Servant… How He Acquired NMulti-Millions Properties

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With non-stop investigation and thorough research going on, there will be another revelation and this time of a senior civil servant in one of the Northern states of the nation, who has easily acquired properties and acquired wealth fraudulently.

One can easily submit that the anti graft agencies still have a lot of work to do. The man in question who is an accountant. At the last count, has acquired among others, a flourishing printing press, functioning micro finance bank, fuel station, ultra modern shopping mall, mechanised farm, estate in Abuja, various Landed properties and still counting.

The super rich civil servant also own a mansion he lives in while he single handedly sponsored a gubernatorial candidate at the last election against the government.

However investigation is on to unravel and publish all the information and documents related to the story.

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