Exposed! How Abuja Based Civil Servant Acquired Multi Million Properties.


If information reaching our news desk is anything to go by, then, various anti corruption agencies in Nigeria still have a lot of job to do as a civil servant with one of the intervention agencies in the country has amassed an embarassing wealth.

Information supported with pictures revealed stupendous wealth of the man who is now a director. As at the last count, the man own an estate in Lokoja with the streets named after his father, mechanise farm in kuje, modern rental company, construction company, another estate with several duplexes all name on his birthday date.

This same man lives in a marble house in Gwarinpa while he bought a house in Chicago where his children school. He did not stopped at that, he also owns a head turning glass house that worth millions in Lokoja the capital of Kogi state among others while he cruises around town with state of the art vehicles.

The questions begging for urgent answers are, how can a civil servant acquired all these properties despite the anti corruption campaign of the government?
More to come as we unravel his stupendous wealth.


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