Basic Things You Must Know Before Visiting Lagos In 2020


    A beautiful city no doubt, Lagos is a place where you can meet people from all walks of life. It is a place where everyone will like to site their business.

    However, easily you can get sold out on some of the negative news about Lagos.

    But it doesn’t mean everything is glooming, there is still some negative side of Lagos.

    Believe me, it is a place you will love to settle down for business.

    That is why am taking my time to write out some tips you must know before you travel down to Lagos. Below are the things you must know:

    You Must Have A Bearing
    Trust me you will be frustrated for the first time visiting Lagos without knowing where you are going.

    You have to plan what you are going there for and which part of Lagos you are going. This should be the first thing on your agenda before travelling to Lagos.

    You Must Know How To Mind Your Business
    Unlike other cities where foreigners and tourists usually look different and odd.

    But Lagosians hardly give so much attention to foreigners or visitors, this is because they are used to seeing them.

    Lagos is where people mind their business, don’t expect them to start asking you questions about where you are coming from or you are going either. So, mind your business and stay focus on what brings you to Lagos.

    Traffic Jam Is Inevitable
    You should know that you are going to Lagos to face traffic jams. It will be stressful if you have a private car.

    A friend visited me with his car last year, he never knew what came over him to abandon his car for public transport.

    Lagos Nightlife Is Always Fun
    Don’t be surprised when you can’t even explain how you spent your January salary.

    You must have the self-discipline to overcome the pleasure that comes around you when you receive your salary.


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