Man kills friend to inherit truck



One  Jamiu Suleiman, a truck driver based in Lagos State has been paraded by the State police commissioner, Mr Kayode Egbetokun on Wednesday for allegedly killed his friend, ’’Baba Oyin’’ because he wanted to possess his truck since he doesn’t have one.

Jamiu in an interview with Vanguard at the premises of police headquarters in Ilorin said he had been envious of his friend who owns a lorry truck, and therefore made up his mind to kill him, and collect the truck from him, with the intention of bringing it to Ilorin his home town and be using it for business.

He said he, therefore, bought a gun of N70,000.00 from one of the cult boys in Ikorodu with which he killed his friend, “Baba Oyin’’.

He said, ’’I’m a native of Ilorin, from Alore area, but I work as a truck driver in Lagos. My friend has a truck lorry which he used for work and made good money, and I’m always envious of him. So, I made up my mind to kill him, and collect the Lorry truck from him and bring it to Ilorin, and be using it here for business.”

On how he killed his friend, Jamiu said, “After I had bought the gun, I went to his house early in the morning and called him out that we have works, to do. As he was coming out, I aimed him at the chest and shot him and he died instantly.

Jamiu having failed to collect the truck key from his friend after the killing because of the attention the gunshot attracted. He quickly ran to Ilorin, where the police later arrested him.

The Police commissioner, Mr Egbetokun, however, told journalists that the suspects would be arraigned in court as soon as the investigations into all the cases are completed.

‘’As soon as the investigations into all these cases are completed the suspects would be arraigned in court’’ Egbetokun said.


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