Unbelievable: After Winning At Supreme Court Bauchi Gov. Invites Opponent To Join His Government


It was a big victory for Sen. Bala Mohammed, Executive Governor of Bauchi state after the Supreme Court affirmed him as the governor of the state.

Even though his opponent and predecessor, Muhammed Abubakar boasted that the court’s verdict will favour him Mohammed came victorious.

While feilding questions from Journalists he said “To be honest, I was scared that the judgement might go the other way because of the overconfidence exhibited by Muhammed Abubakar. I thought he had been given some kind of assurance by some top powers. Though I have faith in the judiciary, I was scared. Abubakar knows I won the election. There’s no way I could have rigged him out. He knows it. But I recognise that it’s his right to seek legal redress to any level as the constitution allows.

What however surprised many people is the level of his magnanimity is the invitation he extended to his opponent to join him in moving Bauchi State forward “Now, that it is all over, I am extending the Olive branch to him so that we can partner for the progress of Bauchi State and its people. He’s been through this road before and he’s, therefore, more experienced in terms of governance in Bauchi. He can contribute by way of offering valuable advice that would help to steer Bauchi to its rightful place.”

This many Nigerians see as a spirit of sportsmanship and respect for his predecessor.


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