Primate Ayodele Drops Another Bombshell: Amotekun will turn a terrorist group

Primate Ayodele
Primate Ayodele

Founder of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has spoken on the new security outfit created by the South West Governors. The cleric said Amotekun and other security groups created in the North will become terrorist organisations in the future.

Recall that the Governors of States in the Southwest said they established the security outfit in order to curb kidnapping, banditry and ritual killings that has thrown the region into panic.

Primate Ayodele also attacked the Spiritual leader of the Adoration Minister, Enugu, Father Ejike Mbaka, saying the fiery preacher is not a prophet of God.
Ayodele said “Mbaka is not a prophet. Leave him out of what happened in Imo, he is not a prophet, he is just taking advantage.

“God gives spiritual support to whoever that seeks him, not prophecy. I have been saying it that Jonathan will lose the 2015 election and he did.

On Amotekun, the popular see said further “They will mismanage Amotekun and corrupt the system. Amotekun is going to crack because of lack of funds for the management.

“They should not have started at all. They will threaten the government. Africa is going to experience a new terrorist group from Burkina Faso, Togo, Niger, Benin Republic, and Nigeria.


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