Showbiz Impressario; Dejo Richards Re-appears With ‘Virused’

- Dejo Richards

    – Dejo Richards

For those who believed he has gone into oblivion, Dejo Richards has surely come back with a bang.

Those who know him in the industry would not be surprised seeing him coming with another blockbuster in all the years he’d been hibernating.

The trailer titled VIRUSED will be viewed on your status on facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social media handles.Viewers will be able to send to friends so that it will go viral.

“Once the short film is ready in few days we will do the same again by spreading it.” Dejo Richards said.

According to him, ” This short film is coming from the stable of Kingdom Motion Pictures, a Global Media Platform designed to produce Audio/Visual Solution on Social Media Through Short Films,Movies ,Music Videos/Clips,Sound bites Animations/3d’s ,Documentaries, Docu- Series ,Tv Programs ,Skits etc in order to correct societal ills,Spiritual decline & Moral decadence . The aim is to cause a paradigm shift from various misconceptions redirecting our Global Youths & setting them on the right part.”

On what prompted this new concept, Dejo Richards said ” I am a Psalmist, market place Evangelist and have this call about 22 years ago, though I was reluctant and tarried for good 22years before I discovered myself.”

In all the years he hibernated, Dejo has involved in several line of businesses ranging from IT, Lumbering, Hospitality , Entertainment , Brand Management , Marketting Communication & PR Image Consulting.

However, Virused is a Christian Short Film talking about the Power in the Blood of Jesus against all odds & negative situation i.e Corona, Cancer , sickness and also introduced to help our faith.

Dejo Richards is a Born Again Christian, a market place Evangelist working as a Tele-Evangelist in the Multi Media Space ( Audio/Visual Production)

“My ministry is in the Media Production & Entertainment Sector(Social sector.)

Kingdom Motion Pictures was birthed from these revelational knowledge to preach the Gospel through sight & sound.

Kingdom Motion Picture is the Platform to express my Ministry.

Kingdom Motion Pictures is a Ministry for Morally upright people & christians to express themselves.” He concluded


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