My Appointment Is A Personal Recognition To The GRACE OF GOD And Call To Service


Popular Kwara and Eruku born big boy Otunba Taiwo Wale Joseph fondly called OTJ by his political friends and associates as he remains exceptional leader and a role model to follow.

For the sake of Kwarans or his political enemies who may not know him too well or uses means of social media to write junks in order to pull him down forgotten this popular saying “whomsoever God has raises, No one, not even his family can pull him down that’s the case of OTJ.

He said to have born in the North sixty something years ago precisely; (Kaduna State) he attended various primary schools in Itapaji Ekiti, Igbo-Idun and Erin-Ile before he eventually gained admission into Government Technical College Erin-Ile for his basic studies.

He further in his education to study Electrical Installation work in New Bussa Technical College and bagged a Distinction in City & Guilds.

Aftermath of his distinction been a brilliant student, he was admitted into the prestigious Kaduna Polytechnic where he graduated with upper credit division on National Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.

Thoughtful of the next steps, he decided in furthering in his academic career by going back to Kaduna Polytechnic, where he came out with flying colours as best graduating Student in Electrical Power and Machine in 1987.

He went on to cap this with a Master of Business Administration from Lagos State University in 1996.

OTJ as he’s fondly called has had a robust career in teaching; the now defunct NEPA and UTC. He crowned all these with an impressive outing as a staff on Chevron Nigeria Ltd where he served in various capacity of responsibilities.

While in Chevron, he attended several local and overseas trainings before he voluntarily retired without blemish in 2012.

It was during this period he thought within himself, to relocate down to Kwara because he was already aiming to venture into Kwara politics, he was fully relocated to Ilorin on the march 2012.

Given his penchant for sowing benevolent seeds and investing in human beings, it came as no surprise to those who actually know him when he kindly consented to join active politics after retiring from Chevron.

What beats many political pundits was that he decided to join the camp he did. Many felt he had too much of financial independence to queue along with people who only wanted what he already had. But he tagged along. Perhaps he was convinced he could make a difference from within.

At two different political outings (2015 and 2019) he aspired to run the race into the House of Representatives for the good of the people of Ekiti, Oke Ero, Isin and Irepodun Federal Constituency.

The aspiration was shot down on both occasions. He ended up serving as Commissioner for Environment and Forestry, from 2015 to 2018 under the leadership of former Senate President Olusola Saraki and former governor Ahmmed.

Haven’t served under People Democratic Party PDP for many years he therefore have a Political rethink by decamping into another proactive and profitable party which is All Progressive Party APC few weeks to Kwara gubernatorial election and his decamped was fully announced to the general public on the February 8, 2019 which the event held in his hometown at Erukucity in Ekiti Local Government Kwara State. Since then he has never regret every Political steps taken by him so far.

Added to his feathers, and as an evidence to shows God’s mercy and grace is always upon his head as his name was loudly announced on a radio station on Monday 7th 2020 as one of the Board Member of International vocational Technical and Entrepreneurship College (ITEC) in Kwara State.

According to him on phone conversation when he was briefing Oluwaseun Publisher of Trust Beth News; says he went out to play golf as usual on that faithful day, which he switched his phone and left it in the house, after the fitness exercises, on getting back home as he switched on back his iPhone several calls started coming in which he started recieving congratulatry messages that was when he knew he has been given an appointment from Kwara State Government, it wasn’t as if he fought for the position, one thing he believes someone somewhere might have studied his goodwill and good reputation within his people or from the offices, post he occupied during the past administration without tracing any fraud or blemish, and this would have prompted him to be amongst the shortlisted names.

He has never in his life faced or read bad article written on his name before as he would never join hands to perpetrate evils not until this recent appointment surface that some of his political enemies tried to pull him down by writing scandalous Purported about his personality, anyway; the easygoing dude said he saw his appointment as personal recognition and a call to service also grateful to those who considered him worthy while he does not want to join issues with anyone.

Trust Beth News gathered from a reliable source that Otunba OTJ holds several traditional chieftaincy titles including Otunba Balogun of Iloro, Ekiti State ; Otunba Maiyegun of Ahogbada Land, Kwara State; Otunba Maadegun of Ekiti Land, Kwara State and Aare Tadese of Obbo-Ile land, Kwara State.


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