EKITI APC GROUP: Unraveling The Crass Ignorance of A Faceless Agent — Saliu Akeem Idowu Writes


At this tempestuous point in time where every part of the world is feeling the heat of a global pandemic – Corona virus (Covid-19), where everyone is expected to be too concerned about what becomes the faith of the entire world if active vaccines are not found in order to combat the deadly virus, it is appalling that a pack of Ekiti APC’s merchant of lies are seeing from the opposite side, thereby utilising this terrible moment to play politics and cooking their usual lies.

Recall that Chief Oladapo Karounwi and Ade Ajayi, both APC Southwest and Ekiti spokesmen, and Chairman of the APC in Ekiti State have overtime descended on Engr Segun Oni over his purported defection from the APC to PDP, the incessant attact on Oni as further unravel the discomfort that the purported defection has caused within the ranks of Ekiti APC, but this time around, their strike has taken a different twist and now they’re focusing on the leader of Atunse Ekiti, a Segun Oni’s political platform, Dr Ife Arowosoge, using a faceless and unregistered group – Ekiti Positive Force, through one Bola Ogundana to denigrate his person, in their usual attempt to show their discomfort apropos Engr Segun Oni’s imminent defection.

– Chief Segun Oni

As a politically informed Ekiti person, it is incumbent on somebody like me to relieve these bunch of Ekiti APC know-nothing members of their ignorance, and I’m taking the full responsibility of telling them who Dr Ife Arowosoge really is.

I read with bundles of surprises, when this faceless group misfired by calling Dr Ife Arowosoge a “fake personality”, this is someone who before venturing into politics, was already a University Lecturer, holding
three certificates in Science (B.SC, M.SC, Ph.D) and along the line of his political sojourns, obtained four other certificates in Law (LL.B, B.L, LL.M and ACIArb.)


To further uncover another terrible lie of this faceless group, and invalidate one of their blatant falses by claiming Dr Ife Arowosoge does not have “election value”, this is a man who was an elected LG Chairman under NRC at the time chief Bisi Egbeyemi, the incumbent Deputy Governor of Ekiti State was also elected Chairman under SDP 1991-1993, but which the election that ushered them in was not like the type of Fayemi’s Local Government ‘selection’ where ballot papers were thumb-printed inside rooms.

Also, due to Dr Ife’s unparalleled election value and general acceptability, he defeated the power of incumbent which was set to upstage him at the primary election of 7th Dec 2014, he ruthlessly defeated the choice of Mr Governor with very wide margin of 696 votes to 251votes, thus scoring 74% of total votes . The support of the people for him was obviously due to his performance as the people’s representative at the lower chamber of the National Assembly which made the people of Ekiti SW/Ikere/Ise-Orun to prefer him to the Government candidate. The lesson i so much believe the APC learnt from his election of 7th Dec,2014 made the party in Ekiti never again succumb to free and fair election any more but by composing candidates through text messages. Regent Omotunde Adelabu was the chairman and returning officer for that election, anyone can confirm my narrative.

As a political watcher in Ekiti State who has researched extensively on the personality of Dr Ife Arowosoge, I make bold to say that none of these know-nothing Ekiti APC members behind the fake group is close to Dr Arowosoge both on personal development and academic efforts, compare to his antecedents right from his Secondary School (Sacred Heart Seminary College, Akure) where he was the Senior Prefect in his final year – 1975, having Chief Femi Falana, SAN a classmate for 5 years in the school, to University of Ilorin, to University of Ibadan, to Ekiti State University and to the Nigerian Law School, Abuja.

– Saliu Akeem Idowu
However, it is a shame on those who have made writing rubbish and cooking lies their forte, and it disheartening that some people are blindly supporting someone who has come with unequal impunity to destroy democracy in Ekiti State through imposition of candidates both for party and Government elective positions to ONLY his cronies, such singular idea that necessitated the determination of a prominent member of Engr Segun Oni’s caliber parting ways with their party.

Saliu Akeem Idowu writes from Ado-Ekiti.


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