May 18, 2021

Applause As Jayaike Ndu Becomes First Nigerian Teenager To Win Google Code-In 2019 Grand Prize

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- Master Jayaike Ndu

– Master Jayaike Ndu

Call him a precocious child and Master Jayaike Ndu who’s famously known as JAY will convince you that he’s one. Left-handed Jay is a 17 years old boy who shares dual citizenship (Nigeria/ Ireland) .

A Sports lover, an Author and a Software Programmer. As a first timer, Jayaike passed WASCE with 7As , Further Maths inclusive and 2Bs in 2019.
He won the recently completed Google Code-In Competition and become the First Nigerian and the 5th African to win the Grand Prize since the inception of the competition 10years ago.

Jayaike, thinking ahead of time designed and developed the first online library and self-assessment tool for medical students in Nigeria in 2019,
With over 250 course notes uploaded, the website comes in handy for Nigerian Medical Students, as Nigerian tertiary Institutions are now closed.

Jayaike’s Journey into Google’s Code-In Competition started in 2019.
Google Code-In is a competition for software developers between the ages of 13 and 17years. Competitors have to work with an Open Source company and help improve their existing software. In total, there were 29 organizations in GCI 2019.

Google Code-In started on the second day of December, 2019 at about 6PM.
“I joined the competition at about 8PM on that day. Prior to the competition, I had 6 days to learn one of the programming frameworks needed (Angular) for the organisation. I was going to work with (CloudCV) which I felt was not sufficient to learn the framework. However, I worked for extra hours during the day and at night to have enough knowledge to get me started. CloudCV is the name of the organization I worked with. It is an organization for evaluating state-of-the-art in Artificial Intelligence (AI). They have a very robust backend (server-side code).” Jayaike explained.

“Once I joined the competition I did some User Interface design to get myself acquainted with their software. Immediately I finished with my first task I headed into the next task which was some server-side related task. After claiming the task, I realised that my computer system could not run their development environment due to low processing power and RAM. I knew it was too late to choose another company, leaving me with one option: Code without testing! Also known as Coding blindly.

After about five tasks I skyrocketed to the top of the leaderboard which encouraged me to keep going even with my Laptop issues. I had already let my mentors know about my laptop plight and that I would do my best to get the work done.

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Just when I thought that things could not get any worse I realised that the concept of their backend code is something I am not familiar with. Luckily, I have a very supportive family who encouraged me to learn the new concept even if it takes a load of hard work. After about a day of non-stop coding and YouTube videos, I had learned how to work on the task. I submitted my task and awaited the mentor’s response. He accepted my code! It was surreal. I continued in the competition solving tasks that no other competitor had done–the hard ones especially. I also contributed heavily to the developer community.

There was a particular task that no competitor wanted to do. Due to its complexity, we all avoided it. Once I had finished all the tasks available I had no choice but to face my challenge head on as that was the only task left. I coded throughout the afternoon that day and still could not make it work but I was determined to get it done. I stayed up that whole night trying to debug the code. At last, I was able to fix the code by 6AM in the morning. I submitted the code and slept off as I was exhausted from the full night marathon of coding.

After my rest, I checked our submission platform to see if my mentors had commented on my work. There it was, another competitor had just plagiarized my code. I had to be sure so I checked his code out again and compared his variable names with mine: they were the same! I was now sure that my code was plagiarized. In the course of our discussion on the community I was asked to give an explanation on how I know that the code is correct. I said “I know because I wrote the code”. The competitor denied it at first but after I showed him how I knew he accepted. The mentors told him that he has to re-write his code with his own intellectual property.

As the competition’s end was nigh. My computer system was slowly giving up but I was able to make it through to the end of the competition. I felt great just knowing that I had learned so many new things from the organization. On the 2nd of February, 2020, I received an email from Google that I had been selected as a Grand Prize Winner for the Google Code In competition which made me the first Nigerian to ever win it and the tied fifth African. It was an amazing experience to work with Google and real world organisations.” He concluded.

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Below are some of Jayaike’s Achievements till date;

1. Chosen for Center for Talented Youth of Ireland (CTYI) which is for top 15% of Irish Citizens/ Residents (per age) (2008 at age 5)

2. Wrote First Book: Starting School and other stories (2010 at age 7)

3. Authored second book: The city of Asmordion: The beginning
(2013 at 10 years old)

4. Regional Champion in Co. Cork, Ireland in the martial art, Tae Kwando (2013 at age 10 years old)

5. Self-taught to Code (2016 at age 13 years old)

6. Made his first app for The National Orientation Agency (NOA) and got a Letter of Recommendation from the NOA (2016 at age 13)

7. 11 A’s in Junior WAEC and 3 B’s (2016 at age 13)

8. Designed and Developed the Left Handers Nigeria website.
2018 at age 15)

9. Captained School football team to second position at the Union bank schools competition (2018 at age 15)

10. 7 A’s , Further Maths inclusive and 2 B’s in WASSCE (2019 at age 16)

11. Designed and Developed the first online library and self assessment tool for medical students in Nigeria ( (2019 at age16)

12. First Nigerian and fifth African to win the Google Code In Grand Prize Winner February 2020 at age 17)

13. Jay Self Studied SAT with admission to Study in the USA 2020

Jayaike has learnt 18 programming Languages including Python, C++, and Javescript. He is already a Software Trainer with a student from India. February, 2020 till date

Speaking with the mother, Mrs. Adesola Oyinloye-Ndu A Human Relations expert said;
“We believe in total positive nurture of a child. Research has shown that children who engage in extra curricular activities such as sports from childhood are likely to be well above average academically. Childhood Bonding time with one or both parents should also be encouraged.

With every privilege comes great responsibilities. It is a privilege for Jay to be the First Nigerian to win the Google code in competition. Hence he is very willing to impart his world such as he did with the pupils Standard Bearers School, Lekki, Lagos

However, Master Jayaike Ndu is proficient in:

Programming Languages:


Web development:

Programming Language Web Frameworks:

React Native

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