CSP SEGUN ABIFARIN: Incredible Performance of a Two Months Old DPO.


    Addo, Badore and Langbasa division in Lagos State have never had it so peaceful for a long period of time but with the emergence of this Super Cop, residents of these vulnerable communities can now eave a sigh of relief since CSP Segun Abifarin was deployed to the area as Divisional Police Officer, DPO.

    Before he came around, series of land conflicts, cults riots, kidnapping and many criminal activities were being perpetrated. In fact, the division was a no go area for strangers as, it’s simply seeing and labelled criminals den.

    Barely two months after he resumed duty, Abifarin a seasoned disciple of preventive policing with a feline that is not common, Segun Abifarin has turned the communities to a no go area for armed robbers, bandits, kidnappers and other such criminal elements of their ilk.

    It should be noted that Nigerians have been held captive for over two months by the very dreaded COVID-19, the invisible virus that has been ravaging the whole world.
    After the index case of February 27 in Nigeria, almighty Coronavirus has been increasing by the day and all activities have been on hold.

    The first preventive measure taken by the government is to impose a 14 days lockdown in Lagos, Ogun and the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja). Even when it was believed that people especially Lagosians might not heed to this, amiable Segun Abifarin and his team of expert ensured the Langbasa Division and his environs are well guided to avoid any violation of laws and orders.

    It was a very peaceful exercise while it lasted. Some prominent indigenes of the communities have since been commending his efforts, even though most don’t want their names in print. But the “Action and intelligence put in place by Abifarin to maintain peace would never be forgotten,” one of them said.

    As a result of these exemplary performances, the management of Metropolix Magazine has concluded plans to honour this outstanding Police Officer, an epitome of hardworking with Certificate of Commendation for his patriotism.



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