May 16, 2021

PSquare Broke-up Because Peter Wanted Me Out Of The Group- Jude Okoye Reveals

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For years now, not many know the real reason why the once wave making musical group, PSquare broke up. Elder brother of the twin-brothers called PSquare, Jude Okoye in an exclusive chat with Tunde Ednut on Instagram finally revealed the reason behind the untimely breakup.
Okoye revealed that the reason PSquare broke up was because Peter called for his (Jude’s) removal from the music group but the decision didn’t sit well with Paul.

The music executive also said that the twin brothers do not have any problem.

In his words;

“I think I’m to blame for my being silent all this while. This problem has nothing to do with Peter and Paul. Peter and Paul are not quarrelling. Peter was fighting me to be out from P-Square all because Usher, Beyonce, and every other person did it.

“Paul was like, ‘Give me a reason why Jude has to go. If I don’t get a reason, Jude isn’t going anywhere.’ Now Paul has to be punished for supporting me. What I’m trying to say is that I’m done keeping quiet. What I see anytime I google my name is not impressive to me.”

Jude said he had tried everything humanly possible to bring back the music group but his efforts proved abortive.

He said;

“If two are fighting and the referee supposed to separate the fight is also being fought, how then do you want to end the fight? Peter and Paul don’t have problems with each other

“Peter has a problem with me. I have asked him several times what the problem is but he refused to say. How can I bring P-Square back when I’m the one they don’t want in the picture?

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“There is nothing humanly possible that someone can do that I haven’t done. I came to a point when I said even if it means sacrificing myself from the picture. No problem, let the bond be.

“I left. I was told until I go apologise to someone’s wife, I did that but the problem persisted. They said I must tweet something. Nigga, I have my own life to live. There was life before Psquare!

“There would definitely be life after P-Square. So let’s leave that issue. Let them do Psquare when they’re ready. Me, I’m off. They’re the Psquare, I’m the attachment, according to what they say.

“Whether or not they come back should not be my business anymore. I was wanted out of the picture. I’m now out.”

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