May 18, 2021

2023 : CAGG Presidential Aspirant, Bamgbose Picks Buhari’s Son, Yusuf Buhari As Running Mate

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-Yusuf Buhari

-Yusuf Buhari
The next occupant of Also Rock number 2 seat might not be other person than President Muhammadu Buhari’s son, Yusuf Buhari as
Barrister Olusegun Bamgbose, Esq., the National Coordinator, Concerned Advocates for Good Governance, CAGG has declared his intention to run for Presidency in 2023 and picked Yusuf Buhari as his running mate.
Bamgbose had earlier in the week, while he officially declared his intention, hinted on having Yusuf Buhari as his running mate in the race to the Presidential Villa.
In a statement he signed and made on Friday, the legal practitioner noted that his declaration for President and his choice of Yusuf Buhari, as possible running mate, has generated a lot of controversies.
He noted that some critics have reasoned that Yusuf Buhari is not mature enough to handle such an exalted position.
He said that such critics were being ignorant and lack the understanding of history and current trends.
“How old was Joseph (Yusuf) in the Bible when he became the Prime Minister of Egypt? He was just 30 and he ruled well and delivered the whole nation from famine,” Bamgbose said.
“Gowon became Head of State when he was 32. He ruled Nigeria for 9 years. He fought the Civil War when he was just 33 and was able to bring back Nigeria as one country.
“He established NYSC and that has been sustained till today. The economy was robust during his regime. He was just 33. Josiah in the Bible was just 7 when he became a King.
“He ruled well. Macron is now 42 and he is ruling well. The issue is not that of maturity but that of being a man of mission.
“Gowon was a young man when he took over, two, he is a Christian, three, he came from the minority, but being a man of mission, he turned the obstacles to opportunities.
“One can’t rule out maturity and experience in Governance, but the basic things that make a great leader are Integrity, Vision and Passion.
“No leader in the world has all the requisites experience to govern his domain. This is why he will need to appoint Special Advisers, Special Assistants, Ministers, etc.
“Yusuf Buhari is not too young to be the next Vice President. He is eminently qualified. What is required of him is his readiness to serve his fatherland with passion and integrity.
“A leader without integrity will be an instrument of disaster to his country. Our country needs young leaders to move the nation forward. My passion to serve is indisputable.”
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