June 22, 2021

“COVID-19 Is Treatable” – PTF Faults US Based Nigerian Doctor, Insists On Wearing Face-Mask

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- Stella Immanuel

– Stella Immanuel

The viral video released by one Stella Immanuel, a Nigerian-trained US doctor on Monday who claimed there was no need to wear a mask and that COVID-19 is treatable has been condemned by the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 as they urged Nigerians to wear a mask and avoid self-medication in line with measure put in place to fight in the spread of COVID-19.

The doctor who said she has treated 350 patients with hydroxychloroquine, said she has recorded no deaths — she added that of was necessary to wear a face mask.

“I’m here because I have personally treated over 350 patients with COVID-19. Patients that have diabetes, patients that have high blood pressure, patients that have asthma, old people. I think my oldest patients are 92. We have not lost one patient,” she had said.

“And the result has been the same. I put them on hydroxychloroquine, I put them on zinc, I put them on Zithromax, and they’re all well. For the past few months, after taking care of over 350 patients, we’ve not lost one. Not a diabetic, not somebody with high blood pressure, not somebody with asthma, not an old person.”

However, speaking on Wednesday, the PTF in a post with Dr Immanuel’s picture via Twitter and the word “CAUTION” written across the picture, advised Nigerians to continue to adhere to guidelines.

“Wear a mask. Avoid self-medication. Please continue to observe COVID-19 prevention protocols. Visit www.covid19.ncdc.gov.ng/guideline for approved guidelines.

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