September 20, 2021

APC Denies Diversion Of Funds To Support Ondo Poll

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Following the People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) claim of funds diversion to Ondo State because Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has been appointed as the chairman of Ondo APC Governorship Campaign Council, All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos State on Wednesday has flayed PDP for raising a false alarm.

Publicity Secretary Seye Oladejo said the vituperation by his PDP counterpart, Taofik Gani, smacked of mischief, recklessness, deceit and dishonesty.

Gani had alleged that Sanwo-Olu was picked to lead the Ondo campaign, not because of his experience, but because the party intended to use Lagos funds for the election.

He also alleged that the Lagos governor had approved N25billion for the Ondo governorship election.

But, dismissing the allegations as unfounded, baseless and a tissue of lies, Oladejo said in a statement that APC cannot emulate the culture of corruption like the PDP.

He said: “The characteristic wild and reckless allegation has shown the consistency of the warped state of mind of a frustrated opposition party determined to sell falsehood to the people.

“The false and unfounded allegation of the intention to divert resources of Lagos State is at best an admission of what obtains in the PDP whenever there’s an election. Nigerians haven’t forgotten the Dasuki-gate, which provided a looting spree in the name of election.

“It’s also an open secret that the PDP has remained in permanent opposition in Lagos State because its leadership is gifted in looting election funds.”

Oladejo added: “It is important to put it on record that the well thought choice of the Lagos State governor to lead the election campaign was based on his well acknowledged remarkable performance in office despite the prevailing unusual challenge.

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“He’s also known as a great manager of human and material resources. It’s laughable that you described Mr. Governor as lacking political experience after successfully and effortlessly ‘retiring’ your serial governorship candidate.

“However, the bad news is that the discerning public find your bazaar-like governorship primaries in Ondo and Edo states distasteful and have resolved to react accordingly with their votes.

“The release, which can be regarded as crying wolves where there’s none, can at best be described as prophetic of PDP’s imminent defeat in the coming elections.

“The disintegration of the PDP house of cards in Ondo State after the governorship primaries and the desperation of your Edo State, which led to the demolition of the House of Assembly, are incontrovertible pointers.”

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