Omotosho Azeez a.k.a HayzedMoana Hits Town With ‘Only You’


Just three years in the game, talented hip-hop singer, HayzedMoana has dropped his debut single.
‘Only You’, a complete love song has been enjoying airplays on major radio stations in Lagos and it’s environs.

In a phone conversation with the him, HayzedMoana narrated how the whole thing started;

“It’s not an easy journey, I started just three years ago having discovered that I have singing talent. I have been following Olamide and David and each time I listened to them, I get the inspiration, in one word, they are my role models in the industry.
Not without the normal challenges that associate with stardom, HayzedMoana also narrated the many hurdles that came his way.

“Finance is the major problem facing us as artistes, it takes the glory of God and divine intervention to overcome this. Once you discover the talent and there’s no money to pursue it, the talent may end unceremoniously especially when there’s no parents to give the needed financial support.”

However, the three singles; Only You, Take You and Make are all out and being played in clubs and radio stations.
All tracks were absolutely well thought of and crafted with conscious messages and storylines that everyone can relate to.

Produced by Wakafi, another talented producer.

HayzedMoana is well proud of these tracks, and sure believe everyone will enjoy them.

He further said, Do follow me on my social media handles:Facebook,Twitter Instagram is Hayzedmoana and this is surely the beginning of more incredible things to come. I am highly motivated to share my craft with the world, and this will definitely serenade my fans with other big things.


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