September 27, 2021

2023: Former President, Goodluck Jonathan Explains Why Leader Can Be Called Upon To Rule Again After Losing Election 

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-Goodluck Jonathan


-Goodluck Jonathan

Recall that former President Goodluck Jonathan lost his second term bid to President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015, he has however given reason a politician could be called to come back to lead the people after losing an election.

According to the former Nigerian leader, the way leaders are perceived while in office can play a major role in their political career.

Jonathan stated this on Wednesday when he met the representatives of political parties from The Gambia at the closing of a two-day consultative retreat for political parties.

He charged African leaders to always pay attention to the way the majority of perceive them and their policies while in office.

He said for this reason, even after they lose elections, they can be called back to rule again by popular demand.

“Whatever a leader is doing, he needs to understand the fact that the perception of his policies and decisions would be a critical factor to be considered because he is there for the people,” Dr. Jonathan said.

“A leader can be doing all the right things to be done for nation-building, but if the perception among the people does not match what he is doing, then he can never go very far in politics

“But when a leader is doing his best for his people and the perception is right, he might even lose an election due to misunderstanding, but when the perception is right, he can even be called upon to come and rule again .”


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