September 27, 2021

I’m Prepared To Take Kennery Music From Where Orlando Owoh Stopped- Dare Handsome

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You will surely doubt if late Orlando Owoh has resurrected if from afar you hear Dare who is his sing alike singing without seeing his face. Dare Handsome has really shown that Orlando Owoh’s legacy as Kennery music creator is not dead and cannot be forgotten.

With the infusion of highlife, afro beats and most especially kennery music, Akinola Johnson Damilare has shown that he’s a born singer. He mounted the stage for the first time in 2007, a very young handsome man as his name implies would have excelled well as an actor or a model but unrepentant Dare Handsome sees beyond walking the runaway or competing with Odunlade Adekola as he chose what he knows how to do best.

After the demise of the originator, Orlando Owoh many of his fans thought Kennery Music has died a natural death until Dare Handsome decided to ply the trade and now has become a force to reckon with.

“My parents actually didn’t give in to my choosing music, they wanted me to become a lawyer but I remained undaunted and convinced them I can do better as a singer, today they are the happiest parents and remained my no 1 fans.” Dare Handsome told Metropolix Online.

Ogun State born Dare Handsome while asked who is his mentor didn’t hesitate to mention Orlando Owoh whose music according to him gives him more inspiration.

“Not that I wanted to be any singer’s stooge, but I discovered I love Orlando’s music more than any other, I tried it and realized I could do it and that was the beginning of everything.”

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How does he manage his many female fans being a talented, handsome and single singer, Dare Handsome said; “I don’t joke with them because of the love the always display each time I’m performing but it doesn’t go beyond that because my career is the most important at the moment.”

Working on his maiden album which will be released soon confessed to us that he derives more happiness in singing and won’t trade his first love for anything.
He has since become a delight for all lovers of Kennery music as he vowed to take his unique style beyond where Orlando Owoh stopped.

Facebook: @Darehandsome
IG- darehandsome_music

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