May 17, 2021

Yazid Surajo: Story Of A Master Degree Holder Turned Truck Pusher.

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Having certificate in Nigeria does not in anyway guarantee that you will get a job of you don’t have any connections. Many students in Nigeria are living in depression while waiting idle for job opportunity.

According to Sahara reporters, a master degree holder whose name was identified as Yazid Surajo revealed the reason why he started a scavenging business in Lagos.

Based on what he said, securing a job in Nigeria after graduation is something rarely happens.

Yazid Surajo, told Daily Trust that he has master’s degree in Development Studies from Bayero University, Kano State. Adding that when he concluded his National Youth Service in 2016, he decided not to stay idle as other graduates in Nigeria which is why he started scavenging in Lagos.

He also describe the structure of the business as you can clearly read below.

Hight rate of unemployment has been the major problem that chains the legs of many youth in Nigeria which as a result of that, many citizens left with no option than to start kidnapping business while those with pure heart find legitimate business that will be bouncing them money.

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