May 16, 2021

Aggrieved Pregnant Lady Sets Lover’s Room Ablaze In Markudi (Photos)

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A lady whose name whose name was not mentioned and who we learnt is pregnant for her lover had been arrested in Markudi, Benue State for setting her man’s apartment on fire after taking her belongings out.

The incident happened precisely on Wednesday, April 21 at Achussa, a suburb of Makurdi, the capital city of the state.

Joseph, an eyewitness who also is a resident of the area, told newsmen that the unnamed lady who lives in one of the villages in the state, was only coming to visit her boyfriend occasionally.

He narrated further that the lady had on several occasions complained that her boyfriend was hardly giving her transport fare each time she visited, adding that she claimed they quarrelled on Tuesday after she demanded transport fare to return to the village and the matter was later settled.

“The following morning, she waited for him to go to work, brought out her few belongings before setting the room on fire. Unfortunately for her, the residents apprehended her before she could disappear,” Joseph told newsmen.

He added: “She was handed over to the vigilantes, but when her boyfriend was called upon, the community prevailed on them to settle the matter quietly without involving the police.”

When contacted on the incident the state police command spokesperson, DSP Catherine Anene, said she was not aware of the incident.

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