“I like the freedom I’m enjoying now”- Mr. P Rules Out Possibility Of PSquare Coming Together Again


There seems to be no possibility of the duo of Peter and Paul Okoye of PSquare fame coming back again if what Peter Okoye who is now preferred to be addressed as Mr. P said in a recent interview with HipTV is anything to go by.

Last year, they had their birthday parties separately, and fans felt bad over this. They might even be caught in- between the drama and all.

While granting the interview, Mr. P divulged some reasons as to why he liked the freedom he is enjoying now. The singed claimed he is making more money than he did when he was with his brothers. He also said he can do whatever he wants now than he could then.

He had the opinion that some people might call it greed, but it does not matter, especially because he does not get to share the money he makes. He no longer had to share whatever he makes into three. He quickly added that he shares with his team right now, but at least it is not co- owned with anybody that he has to split in three with.

He said freedom is when you get called up for a job and you reject, probably because it is your daughter’ s birthday. He wouldn’ t have had the luxury of doing it back then without being seen as I’ m serious.

Peter Okoye with his little insight into doing music alone still believes that he is the main reason for doing music isn’ t just the money, but rather about doing it how he feels. It was on this note that he claimed to do way better even on financial grounds.


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