July 28, 2021

Aboderin Speaks Candidly On How He Met Chief MKO Abiola 

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The Exclusive:

” When I look into the future, it blurred my eyes by its brightness ” the great global female icon, Oprah Winfrey was once quoted as saying.

This truism may not be far from the historic encounter between late billionaire Philantropist, politician and business magnets ,Chief Mko Abiola and Chief Abimbola Moyosore Aboderin,whose robust book on Abiola and the historic June 12 annulled election book will soon be launched.

Speaking of how they first met, Chief Abimbola Aboderin in page 82 of his book stated ,
” The first time I met Chief Abiola was in my father’s waterfront home in Apapa, Lagos shortly after my return from America.

It was on a fateful night around 1981, on stepping into the house, I saw a flamboyant man lying on the floor while my father was seated by the bar , I never knew who Abiola was but my father made the introduction in Yoruba language saying ‘Meet my son’. He just returned to Nigeria after his studies in America.

He introduced Abiola to me as a successful businessman and politician, Abiola was in NPN at that time ,he had problems with Yoruba people and was using his media house, Concord newspaper to fight Awolowo then.

Abiola needed to be closer to his people back home, and my father was a silent power broker which was why Abiola came to see him.

That was how I met chief Abiola in 1981 and there and then requested that I see him in his office in Jibowu . I visited him and he informed me that he wants my father to assist him to talk to chief Awolowo. Someone must have advised Abiola to seek my father’s assistance as a politician and that’s how both of us became friends and later Ally after my father’s introduction.

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Meanwhile, Chief Aboderin has reminded all and sundry that this book is not written to praise or castigate anyone but only aimed at producing the truth and full details of what transpired before, during and after the historical June 12 presidential election, now is time to know the truth; now is time we learn from the past mistakes and reunite as one great Nigeria.

• Book lunch date : 12th June 2021
• Venue : NIAA 13/15 kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria island,Lagos.
• Time : 11 am prompt
• Chairman of the day : Aare ( Dr) Afe Babalola.
• Chief Launcher, His Excellency, Sen Bola Ahmed Tinubu ( Asiwaju)

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