September 20, 2021

Biafra Group Set May 30th Deadline On Foreign Vessels From Entering Nigeria Through Bakassi Peninsula

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-BNL Leader, Princewill Chimex Richard

Ban has been placed on all foreign vessels from entering through Bakassi Peninsula into Nigeria. The Biafra National League has set 30th May as deadline for this.

The group made this know through a statement released by Mr. Princewill Chimex Richard, the National Leader of BNL and made available to newsmen.

The group said its taking that action because the international community have refused to talk about or take action of the killings going on in the old Eastern region (South East and South South) of Nigeria.

He said, ” The Biafra Nations League has placed a ban on all vessels coming into Nigeria through the waters of Bakassi Peninsula, which will take effect from the 30th of May 2021. ”

” As the so called international community have refused to speak over the ongoing killings in the former Eastern Nigeria. ”

The National leader of the separatist group said that they are extremely serious about the ban and come May 30th they will enforce the ban, and any vessel found on the waters of Bakassi Peninsula will face dire consequences for disobeying the order.

” We at Biafra Nations League, BNL, have banned all foreign vessels from entering Nigeria through Bakassi Peninsula come May 30, we mean everything we say, on that day, we are coming out prepared, any foreign vessel that disobeys this order on 30 will be apprehended.

We can recall that Biafra National League issued a warning to people living around the Bakassi Peninsula to avoid the area on the 30th of May when they intend to hoist the Biafra flag as part of activities making Biafra day anniversary.

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They also advised president Mohammadu Buhari to hoist the flag in Aso Rock to honour those who died during the 3 years war of Biafra independence.

While The IPOB has declared a sit at home on the same 30th to mark Biafra day.

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