September 23, 2021

PATHETIC!! Young Man Allegedly Poisoned & Killed By Friends On His Birthday 

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Just like a home video, the circumstances that surround the death of this young man still remain a mystery to some people.

And it’s a lesson that fake people are closer to you than you know!

Too many people might be smiling with you but how many of them are genuinely happy with you?

Especially when you are young and doing well for yourself, you will have a whole lot of fake friends around who will disguise like angel but they are nothing but devil. Even satan dey learn work for their side

A particular young man had his birthday recently with friends all celebrating happily with him. Everyone enjoying and having fun with him not knowing that would be his last day on earth

He was allegedly poisoned at his own party party by the people he called his friends God no go let us see bad belle people as our friends ooo

Below are some videos of how everything happened:

When he was partying with friends
Something led to something and he was poisoned by close friends present at his Birthday.

When he landed at the Hospital fighting for his life
He was seen in the Video struggling for his life at the Hospital ICU (intensive care unit) where Doctors are treating and observing him.

Sadly he didn’t make it.

Video of his body ready for the Mortuary
This is so sad.



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