September 24, 2021

Lady Sleeps On Car Windscreen Waiting For Husband And Side Chick To Come Out

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Broken vows, affairs have caused significant distress in modern marriages due to the betrayal of trusts.

A Kenyan woman has been showered with criticism for her controversial action after she caught her husband cheating.

It has been alleged that the lady had from her close associate that her husband has been cheating and she decided to set a trap on her.

The husband was reportedly said to have her ‘mpando wa kando’ at late nights fear miles from their house.

The lady met where they used to park the car but the doors were all locked she could get inside.

The raging woman climbed the car’s bonnet and decided to take a nap waiting for them to come outside.
It’s still not clear when they came out and what happened afterward.

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