September 20, 2021

Reminiscing childhood memories; Popular OAP, Sean Polotee recounts his experience and advise for parents

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Some of my colleagues in broadcasting do not know I have been making use of this radio as a young chap before they discovered their own talents.

I will press record and play and empty his fine fine cassette records by legends such as King Sunny Ade, Dr. Ebenezer Obey, Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, Haruna Ishola, Olanrewaju Adepoju etc with my velvet voice as my vocal chords never dey exposed to some chemical consumptions of today.😁

Mentorship in such crime was my older brother Niyi Oduola cause he taught me how to wipe off existing records on any cassette and imput my own stupid stuffs as I call it 🤣 little did I know I was already preparing my path to destiny. Finding myself in the broadcast industry for years resonates my sweet childhood memories just as I enjoyed hearing my own voice speaking from a radio I recorded on, after I press rewind to review what I have recorded gives me so much joy.

Had no knowledge of studying mass communication in school but here I am a mass communicator with good recognition.

Why am I writing this? I think the last paragraph will reveal its essence to some of my readers.

My Dad gave us freedom to be whoever we want to be as long as it transits through academic as the normal thing most African parents do, using their children to compliment their shortcomings e.g Your child’s interest is being a musician but you want him/her to study law because that was your personal childhood aspiration before life vanquished your dream.

My Dad though had no knowledge of my many crimes such as destroying his cassettes as he can always afford another easily.

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He made every provision for us to be in school but didn’t force us against any choice of ambition.

Guiding your children is great but don’t forget to give them freedom to express themselves.

Buying them gifts is good but the best thing you can ever gift your children is your attention. Formal education is good but watch them closely to also identify areas of their talents/passion.

Fix them up for mentorship after normal school hour, gone are the days of extra extra coaching, engage them with some aqusition skills cause in this Nigeria of today, if your children goes to school without learning a trade or ways of exploring and monetizing their talents, only then will you understand why our national anthem ends with “SO HELP ME GOD”

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