2023: Why Oyo APC Must Give Peace A Chance -Concerned APC Youths

Let us begin engaging in deep and sober reasoning over the current political maneuver aimed at a calculative destruction of APC in Oyo state by some political Gladiators.

These Gladiators have allowed their greed and bickering to break into the rank and file of our great party subtly.

We see our dear party in Oyo state, full of power, sound reasoning, financial capability, positioned to assume power come 2023, but presently consumed by leaders who lacks Self-effacement and selflessness towards the growth of the party and the state as a whole.

From the look of things, the party in power, have employed and brought about their political dexterity in sowing a seed of discord in the party, knowing politicians gullibility towards power, borne out of selfishness, a known fact that destroys chances of winning and weakening formidable frontiers.

The seat of any governor is one for a designed time but it is normal for contestants to be many before the primaries but very abnormal and immature for any political party not to come to compromise even before the primaries are held.

Ego has become the bane, no one can cleanse us except us.

We lost out because of this in 2019, and that same storm is gathering again against us in 2023. It is our unchecked ambitions that will keep us in this unprofitable opposition if we missed this time around.

We must all come to terms, give room for genuine reconciliation and allow peace to reign supreme leading to a successful primary, otherwise, we are going to remain in opposition for another four years.

We want to assure all that any person or group that truncate this last peace move shall be noted as an enemy of progress and shall be painted as such in their future endeavors.

Enough is enough of all fifth columnist in our party.

If we can not come to terms within the party, then we have no reason to govern this great Oyo State as a party. We are our own worst enemy.

It is still amazing that new entrants, who have only spent little time in the party and have benefited immensely, are hell bent on destroying the party for only God knows.why.

It cannot even be said to be for selfish reasons as their electoral value is limited which they know. One then wondered why they are set on this destructive path.

For progress to be achieved, these people need to drop their toga with sinister game plans and join hands in rebuilding this party as fast as we can in other to win elections in 2023. The old hands must bear in mind that these people have nothing to lose when the chips are down because they have where to go after the deed has been done.

These are our earnest submissions, not a suggestion nor an opinionated view.

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