Meet Exceptional Philanthropists, Dr. Oluwatoyin, Deaconess Adenike Aborisade, CEO Phemnick Life Support, Global Immigration Specialist

-Dr. Oluwatoyin, Deaconess Adenike Aborisade

Without mincing words, Phemnick Life Support has remained an household name amongst its contemporaries in the Travel and Tours industry within Nigeria and African countries at large.
It didn’t stop at that as the company still extends its tentacles down to Overseas, USA, Texas, Mexico to mention a few.

Thousands have benefited and still benefiting from Phemnick Life Support even directly from the MD/CEO Dr. Oluwatoyin, Deaconess Adenike Aborisade.

The unrivaled philanthropic works of giving to motherless homes, aged men and women and the newly established Phemnick Academy which helps youths who are gifted in football to showcase their God’s given talent in abroad has gotten more applause from Nigerian youths. Widows, widowers and single mothers are not left out too as many have been empowered either by providing equipment for small businesses (sme) or cash to start something worthwhile.

Through Phemnick Life Support Both Dr. Oluwatoyin and Deaconess Adenike Aborisade have been touching lives and promise to do more.

Only a few days ago, they singlehandedly sponsored a set of twins on a Phemnick Scholarship to Jamaica while another young guy was also sponsored to Mexico as they promised to always used Phemnick academic to help hometown youths to achieve their dreams in overseas

Dr. Oluwatoyin, Deaconess Adenike Aborisade, who has been so kind in all aspects of life will always tell you they’re where they are today because both husband and wife have mutual understanding with God’s backing

Despite all these successes, the wife never departed from God’s vineyard as she built a place of worship in Ilorin Kwara state while the husband has also added another feat to become a global immigration specialist.

What a kindhearted family who dedicated their times, resources in doing good, no wonder all their goodwills, good antecedents speaks for them in all their endeavours.

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