Afenifere Crisis Deepens As Group Suspends Two Officials Over Tinubu, Obi

Foremost pan-Yoruba socio-political organisation, Afenifere is in disarray. This is as a result of unfixed crack in the leadership of the organization.

The group crisis took a deeper dimension, with Chief Reuben Fasoranti dissociating the organization from a Communiqué purportedly issued after a meeting held on Tuesday.

At the purported meeting at Isanya Ogbo, Ogun State, two officials of the organisation were said to have been suspended.

Afenifere in a statement by its leader stated that as a law abiding organisation it could not have asserted that someone other than the person declared by the body, duly authorised by the constitution and other extant laws of the land, is the winner of the last presidential election.

The statement noted that there was removal and suspension of two officials of the organisation, Abagun Kole Omololu and Comrade Jare Ajayi “pending further decisions after their appearance before and recommendations by the Disciplinary Committee’.

This, according to Afenifere, means that the two officials were pronounced guilty and consequently sanctioned even before their appearance before a disciplinary committee.

The Afenifere leader maintained that the organisation is not against the election of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu whom he personally blessed and anointed on October 30, 2022 before the whole world.

“How then would we turn round and condemn the election of such a person? We never did so?” The organization’s leader stated.

He also declared as null and void the purported removal and suspension of both Ajayi and Omololu.

The statement reads: “My attention has been drawn to the Communiqué purportedly issued after a meeting that was held on Tuesday, March 27, at Isanya Ogbo, Ogun State. This statement is being issued because of the content of the said document.

“Section 2.02 of the document claims that, “The results of the lawful votes at the Presidential election available to the Afenifere through credible sources confirm that Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, won the said election.

“Afenifere could not have asserted that someone, other than the person declared by the body duly authorized by the Constitution and other extant laws of the land, is the winner of the presidential election held on February 25, 2023 in Nigeria.

“The body mandated to conduct elections in Nigeria, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), after the completion of this year’s presidential election on February 25th, has declared the candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu as the winner of the said election. Our National Publicity Secretary of Afenifere, Comrade Jare Ajayi, issued a congratulatory message to the President-elect after he had been issued a Certificate of Return by INEC.

’That is not the Afenifere way. A general meeting does not have the power to convene and take such a far-reaching decision just at the whims of individuals. There must have been an official petition laid at the caucus meeting, which is referred to the Disciplinary Committee that will investigate and give the officers involved the opportunity to plead their cases.

‘Reports and recommendations are then received by the Leaders-in-Council who then take a decision on the Report with The Leader before reverting to the Caucus in communication. This fiat approach as seen in the current situation is alien to our organisation and cannot stand.

’On the assertion that someone else other than the person declared by INEC as winner of the presidential election. This type of position is alien to us in Afenifere which does not conduct itself as an agent of the state let alone as an electoral umpire. We accept the results of the elections at all levels as declared by INEC until otherwise decided by competent courts in the land.

“At present, the whole world knows that Nigeria has a President-elect in person of Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu, a true Yoruba son and nationalist. We in Afenifere not only acknowledge this, we take delight in his in-coming Presidency and are confident that he will, by grace of God, return Nigeria to the glorious position that all of us will be proud of.”

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