Aimee Alakija Pleads God’s Mercy For Nigeria in New Video

– Aimee Alakija

As the strong rumours of war, national break-up, uprising and chaos fuel Nigeria in different quarters as 2023 election draws nearer, celebrated broadcaster, aviation expert and awards-winning gospel artiste, Aimee Alakija, has released a new musical video, entitled ” Mercy for Nigeria”, to usher in God’s divine intervention to save the from all the multiple crises confronting her as a result of the forthcoming election.

The new musical video dropped fresh on her private label, “Aimee R Music”. The renowned Channels television news anchor in her heydays, wailed out to God to come to the rescue of our nation with His mercy, as the present situation in our nation defiles all solutions applied by the government.

According to Alakija, at this critical time of our nation, what we need more is God’s mercy. ” We need God’s mercy to cleanse our nation of every sin we have committed that has made God to turn His back from us. When things happen, when there is darkness, the first place to go get solution is the spiritual place of prayers. God said:” when my people turn away from their evil ways and call upon me, I will answer them”, she said.

“Therefore, if seek God’s mercy in prayer with repentance, God will answer us. It will manifest physically in our country. There will be peaceful co-existence and progress. God will give our leader wisdom to rule the nation alright He will put a stop to the huge suffering in the land. Alakija added confidently.

“We have praying for Nigeria, and I believe the mercies of God is upon Nigeria. He has granted us mercy and will not permit evil again in our land. I see a new Nigeria. I see new leadership, advancing all sectors of our nation, politically, socially, economically, among others. Faith in God guarantees victory.” She emphatically stated.

The mercy for Nigeria, is an unscripted prayer song, Alakija released under her Spontaneous Worship series. This is fourth edition in the inspiring series which is currently impacting the world.

The highly talented songwriter, singer, television producer and life coach, hinted that she will release more musical videos in “Prayer for Nigeria” series. This she attributed to the urgent need for God to totally dislodged forces of darkness which has held great nation to ransom since independence.

She also revealed to this this writer, that it was this compassionate Nigerian National emaciation towards 2023 election, inspired her and a group of high spirited Nigerian to embark on a one week global online prayers for our nation, tagged ” Pray for Nigeria”. The power packed prayer marathon commenced on 10th of February to 17th of February.

Aimee Alakija, whose real name is Rita Uju Alakija, is best described  as a World-class gospel artistes by acclaimed critics such Akeem Lasis, winner, CNN Africa Best Journalist Award, Femi Akintunde-Johnson, Entertainment media legend and CEO of MEGA Awards among others.

She is gospel ballad, soft rock, folk singer and worship leader. She is songwriter, life Coach, media and media contents and television producer. Alakija, who is solely sold out to God, is all out to positively revive, impact and transform lives, Nigeria and beyond for Jesus Christ.

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