Celebration As Pishon Prophetic Global Ministry ‘PPGM’ Celebrates @ 2

Saturday, 29th and Sunday 30th October 2022 have been set aside for the 2nd year anniversary of PISHON Prophetic Global Ministry, ‘PPGM’ aka House of Gold, at the church headquarters in Kwara State Nigeria

However, the 29th October 2022, will witness special activities one of which is the importance of praises and will be carried out at the church headquarters situated at No.1, Baragbon close, off Stadium Road, Taiwo Oke Ilorin Kwara state Nigeria.

Amongst the many activities lined-up to celebrate the Church impact and contribution to the growth and development of the less privileged within Kwara metropolis and Nigeria at large over the two years, as well as building on the heritage of God now and henceforth.

According to Dr.Toyin and Deaconess Olanike Aborisade, the founder and General Pishon Prophetic Global Ministry of Pishon Prophetic Global Ministry, “We’ll leave no stone unturned to remain unique and manifest the Christlike heritage which is the foundation of PPGM”.

Dr.Toyin and Deaconess Olanike Aborisade implored the good people of Kwara State not to lose faith but remain, hopeful, steadfast and courageous in this trying period, because God divine guidance is all over everyone.

Dr.& Deaconess Olanike Aborisade made this clarion calls in a signed statement to mark the 2nd anniversary of God’s creation/ establishment of the PISHON Prophetic Global Ministry since 2020

They also urged Nigerians and residents of Kwara State not to despair in the midst of socioeconomic and political challenges, saying such challenges should rather be the needed elixir to bring out the best in all to salvage the situation.

Pastor Ajayi Samson, the presiding pastor of PISHON Prophetic Global Ministry ‘PPGM’ aka House of Gold urged the good people of Kwara State not to lose faith, believing that there would be light at the end of the tunnel.

Talking about the next year 2023 general elections, Deaconess Aborisade says all committed leaders who truly love the people of Kwara state needs to use all available God’s given power to restore the lost glory of Kwara State and their political strength for the benefit of ALL citizens.
He said further that those who preyed on Nigerians and deprived the masses the benefits they deserve should be disconnected. “The exploitative “masters” who divert resources out of Nigeria instead of impacting the economy of the country should be chased out of the corridors of power”, she said.

“We must all strive daily to contribute our quota to the development of Kwara State and Nigeria at large where every citizen has equal rights and opportunity to pursue his or her legitimate aspirations for a better living conditions.”

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