Colourful And Luxury Lifestyle Of The Youngest Nigerian Millionaire, Fejiro Agbodje

– Hanu Fejiro Agbodje

Even if you don’t see him putting on expensive gold necklaces or wearing the latest Gucci top, those who are close to him know his worth.

With individuals like the CEO of Patricia Technologies Limited, Fejiro Agbodje, who are willing to showcase their gifts for the benefit of the country, it is only a matter of time before Nigeria climbs to newer heights. But who is this person? Everybody wants to know.

Agbodje has become one of the most sought-after grandees in Nigeria. The reason for this is simple: he is young, wealthy, brilliant, and leads a colourful lifestyle. Unlike many others who are buying expensive automobiles with mysterious or suspicious livelihoods, Agbodje’s affluence can be traced to the exercise of his brain.

This was recently confirmed at the Soundcity MVP Awards where Agbodje earned himself the award of Innovation and Excellence in Entrepreneurship and Digital Influence.
Agbodje is only 25 years old and a native of Warri, Delta State.

He graduated from the University of Port Harcourt with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Statistics. However, his acumen for business has been flowering since his undergraduate days, especially when he managed a mini restaurant and sold all kinds of things including network airtime and popcorn to sharpen his business judgment.

Back in 2017, Agbodje proved himself to be a visionary beyond his age. He launched Patricia Technologies with the published intention of earning a little from this, and a bit from that.

According to the story, his uncle who lived overseas sent him an iTunes gift card. As he did not own an iPhone then, he tried exchanging it for money and ended up being deceived. Being an intelligent person, he realised that there was an opportunity here and so his company, Patricia Technologies, was born to help Africans trade unused gift cards, whether iTunes or Amazon or any other.

Today, Agbodje’s company is a massive e-commerce center with stakes in the crypto industry. This is where Agbodje became a recognised personality across Africa and how he came into much wealth.

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