Comedian, Julius Agwu’s 14 Year Old Marriage Crashes, Wife Moves Out Of Their Matrimonial Home

The once solemnized marriage of 14 years between popular comedian, Julius Agwu’s wife and mother of his children, Ibiere is reported to have crashed, as the wife is said to have left her husband and moved out of their matrimonial home.

It is not clear what would have led to the crash of the marriage, but speculations are flying everywhere as to what would have made the very sweet Ibiere to abandon her husband, after what they two had been through in the last few years, but the woman may have gotten tired of the situation she recently found herself in and being not prepared for the long run, couldn’t cope with the turn of events.

Infact, the Julius Agwu this reporter saw at an event recently seemed to have been rejuvenated and recuperating very well, that you had to look at him several times to know that he actually went to heal, conquered death and took the keys to hell from the devil and returned.

But it is not clear right now, to ascertain what may have prompted her to leave her home, and her husband, but we are not sure yet, if she took her children along with her.

The marriage between Julius Agwu and Ibiere was one some of us envied and also admired, even till now, regardless of the turn of event, we believe that this is a trying time for both of them, having seen the worst days, we therefore hope they reconcile their differences, especially for the sake of their two beautiful children.

Julius Agwu and wife Ibiere married on the 31st of May 2008 and are blessed with two kids, a girl and a boy.

-Additional report from Precious Eze Blog

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