Dunamis International Gospel Centre Pastor, Paul Enenche Vows To Buy Another Aircraft For Oyedepo

Speaking at the church’s Combined Service in his church, founder of the Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Pastor Paul Enenche has vowed that he would soon purchase another aircraft for Bishop David Oyedepo.

Enenche said, Oyedepo, who is his father in the Lord, deserved another aircraft even though he had one he is currently using.

He said he wanted to live a kingdom-first lifestyle and that he wanted to be a major giver in the kingdom.

“I want to live a Kingdom-first lifestyle, start now! I want to be a major giver in the Kingdom, don’t wait! I believe that one day, I will buy my father in the Lord (Oyedepo), an aircraft.

“I’m trusting God for that, not that he can’t buy for himself, but this is just to add to what you have Sir, but before I reach that level, when he bought this current aircraft many years ago, I went to him with an offering; I said, “This is for aircraft’s tyre.”

“The meaning of it is; if I had enough money to buy the aircraft, I could have bought it but, since I cannot buy it now, at least this money is equivalent to the tyre – plenty money because every part of the elephant is big.

“Before you build a whole church; buy one block, buy a door. Before you organise a whole crusade, the crusade costs a hundred million or whatever it cost: sayt this is one million, this is a hundred thousand, this can fix one bulb on the crusade ground and let God see that if you have plenty, you will do plenty,” he stated.

However, Enenche said God is looking to raising Kingdom billionaires and multi-millionaires.

“I think the number one importer of vehicles in this country, billionaire, top of the range, is an unashamed Bible carrying believer who holds his big Bible into his board meetings.

“One of the days, he was on the street preaching in Lagos on the road with megaphone – comfortable billions. The number one in fertilizer in this Country, both manufacturer and importation; heavy Bible believing Christian, unashamed, public identity, comfortable billions,” he said.

Enenche added that “God is in a hurry for Kingdom made billionaires, Kingdom made multi-millionaires to emerge (2 Chronicles 16:9). That everybody will clearly know that, this one, God made him. There are those, crookedness made them, there are those hard work made them, there are those deep in the occult and they have transactions with the devil.

“So there are those who actually bowed for Satan in deep cults and covenants and he handed them some measurable treasure and gold in our generation. There are demonic and satanic made billionaires, but God, the way light is superior to darkness, in that same way, God wants to make some people and let the world know that those made by God are superior to those made by any other person.”

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