Saturday 19th, November 2022 showcased a dance hall of stars, celebrities and entertainers at the official signing and unveiling of artist-Kimoni, as friends, families and colleagues turned up in numbers to grace the occasion.

Flahen Mega Records is a music recording studio based in Ijebu-Ode, OgunState,
Nigeria that offers professional, affordable, quality digital and manual sound recording
services. Flahen Mega Records works with upcoming and established artistes who are into gospel
and secular music.The studio also makes advertisement jingles for businesses, strategies to create brand awareness and generate patronage for Flahen Mega Records.
Their services includes;
Music recording,sound recording,sound and music editing,sound production,album production,commercial production,movie sound track production.

Speaking to newsmen at the press conference, the CEO ,Flahen Mega Records, Mr. Henry Ebong in a WhatsApp call through the G.M.of Flahen Records Mr. Dapo Siwoku, the CEO mentioned that working with Kimoni will create exciting opportunities for the artist and betterment of his music; he further said he has plans to take Kimoni to greater heights.

He stated,” Bringing Kimoni to be part of the company is a huge step for record label and artist, towards achieving their mission of becoming the greatest record label.
In the coming weeks or months, we will push his album launch by God’s grace.

Following the new signing of Kimoni as Flahen Mega Records official brand ambassador. Flahen has already rolled out some exciting deals on all their social media platforms for everyone to key into the new artist.

Speaking at the press conference,Flahen Mega Records General Manager Mr Dapo Siwoku said, they actually discovered a talent in Kimoni, he has some skills, he has raw talents that one can tap into,we all know that entertainment industry is a very big industry and you will agree with me that the first thing to look for in an artist is talent. Kimoni has got the talent,he has all the criteria we are looking at and I knew we will go places with him,and he will go places with us as well .

Barrister Shokefun Abraham ,a lawyer to Flahen Mega Records company said,now that the contract papers had been signed by Kimoni, the company will also guide him in all he is doing and we will definitely make sure things work out well with him.

Barrister Bankole Alonge, Kimoni ‘s lawyer,said,he knew his client will not bridge the contract between him and Flahen Mega Records because Kimoni has a good talent and attitude and with this, he is very sure he will go places in his career and with Flahen Mega Records.

Speaking also at the press conference, Kimoni mentioned how grateful he was to Flahen Mega Records, he appreciated the CEO of Flahen Mega Records Mr. Henry Ebong, the G. M.,Mr. Dapo Siwoku,his manager, friends and family that were present, I have always been showcasing my best for Flahen Mega Records before today and I will continue to deliver my best so as to take Flahen Mega Records to the next level.

Also to push my name and brand also all over the world, I have over 800 songs but will definitely drop one very soon,expect a bang from me, my kind of music is afro beat and afro pop,my advice to upcoming artist like me is to keep doing what they know how to do best ,one-day, they will definitely get there, be humble be ,loyal, fear God-the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, don’t forget to also be transparent, my mentors in music industry are Wizkid and Burnaboy,you can listen to my music on all my social media handles @kimonisings.

More pictures at the event:

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