IGP Orders Immediate Dismissal Of High-ranking Officers Over Alleged Planned Strike Action

– IGP Usman Baba

Two inspectors, five sergeants, and two constables were ordered to immediately leave the Nigerian Police Force on Tuesday, April 5.

The order came from Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Usman Baba after it was discovered that the officers were planning to begin strike action in the force.

IGP Baba directive all police commissioners to delete the names of the operatives from the NPF’s payroll with immediate effect.

Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Usman Baba through a signal of the commissioner of police provost.

IGP Baba’s directive came after an orderly room trial of the plot by the said officers contained in tracked phone calls which led to their arrest.

The officers involved were two inspectors, five sergeants, and two constables.

In the order, commissioners of police commands and all formations were directed to delete the names of the officers from the NPF’s welfare and payroll immediately. Moreover, the commissioners are to “dekit them and eject them from the police accommodation and facilities where applicable and revert accordingly; delete subjects from IPPIS payroll immediately.” The directive added: “The commissioner welfare to delete subjects from police nominal roll accordingly. Treat as very important.” The names of the officers are as follows:
AP/No. 245800 – Insp Nanoll Lamak

AP/ NP 287568 – Insp Amos Nagurah

F/No. 271367 – Sgt Onoja Onuche

F/No. 442680 – Sgt Franklin Agughalau

F/No. 495378 – Sgt Emmanuel Isah

F/No. 508168 – Sgt Adesina Ismail

F/No. 508282 – Sgt Osoteku Ademola

F/No. 525839 – Police Constable Ehighamhen Favour Ebele

F/No. 528222 – Police Constable Ubong Inem.

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