Logan Smith; The Man Who Predicted Queen Elizabeth Death Reveals When King Charles Will Die

King Charles III, Logan Smith, Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8. Nobody knew about this except for this Twitter user. Back in June, Twitter user, @logan_smith526 predicted that the Queen’s last day on earth would be September 8, 2022. The tweet went viral soon after the prediction came true and Queen Elizabeth II passed away on the predicted day.
He also predicted King Charles IIIs death date. The user went private after the tweet got viral and Netizens are unsettled by the tweet.
The same Twitter user also shared the exact date of King Charles III, the present King of the United Kingdom. The tweet informed that March 28 2026 will be the last day for the present monarch of the UK.
The user went private after the tweet got viral
The post started gaining a lot of attention on various social media platforms, the user made his account private. As of now, none of his previous tweets are visible to those who don’t follow him. However, screenshots of the predicted tweet are surfacing on the internet.
Another user informed, “This is legit. Posted from someone I’m following on gab. In July, LoganSmith tweeted that the Queen dies on Sep 8, 2022, and that Charles dies on Mar 28, 2026. The tweet is archived and Twitter deleted the account.”
Netizens are unsettled by the tweet
A user wrote, “need someone to confirm if the Logan Smith tweet was actually photoshopped or not bc I have a long list of things I need him to predict.”
Another added, “Logan Smith right now when he realizes he’s gonna have to go off grid.”

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