“My love for good governance made me choose Political Science” – Saheed Osupa

-Saheed Osupa

Popular Fuji musician, Saheed Osupa whose real name is Akorede Okunola has revealed the secret behind his intention to study Political Science.

He said: “Firstly, I thank the Almighty God for His grace over my life, family and fans all over the world. My going back to school was not accidental as it still goes with my mother’s wish for me. I have always desired to seek more knowledge by going back to school.”

“Meanwhile, I also want to prove to the world that musicians, particularly Fuji artistes, can fit into any setting and organisation.”

“Truly, I have achieved a lot as a music entertainer, but I need to still equip myself the more, while also preparing for the future.”

“My love for good governance made me choose Political Science. As an artiste who sings a lot about leadership and philosophy, I believe studying such a course would enhance my knowledge. I currently don’t have any plan to go into politics, but let’s see what the future holds.”

“It feels normal to me. Moreover, I have always been a student. When I say a student, I mean I love listening to people and being in the midst of intellectuals.”

“So, when I went to the University of Ibadan, I saw myself being in the midst of intellectuals to learn and impart.”

“Well, some of the challenges include being in public without security; bringing myself to that level of being a student. But, the most challenging is cancelling some of my paid shows for tests and examinations which I had prepared myself for.”

“I have prepared myself before getting the admission and I never allowed anything to distract me from achieving my aim.”

“I’ve learnt that every step is an experience and no knowledge is wasted.”

“It has shaped me in many ways: from my career as a musician, businessman and to how to manage people. I just can’t name it all.”

“I was not lacking anything. I just wanted to prove to the world that there’s nothing or profession that Fuji artistes cannot fit into.”

“From the start, I never envisaged anything could occur or stop me from achieving this, but along the line when it started affecting my paid shows, I started having doubts. However, my determination to achieve the dream kept pushing me.”

“All I can tell my fans is to be focused, and never believe in any shortcut to success.”

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